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The sport during the 90's, pink, green and orange where the colors
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500GP during the 90's
The 1990's started with Eric Geboers, Belgium (Honda) as champion. Kurt Nicoll, Great Britain (KTM) was second and Dirk Guekens, Belgium (Honda) third.
1991 was a good year for Belgium as they claimed all three podium places in the final standings. Georges Jobé (Honda) won with a healthy margin of 73 points over his countryman Jacky Martens riding a KTM. Dirk Geukens (Honda) finished third again.
In 1992 Georges Jobé managed to win the title once again. Great Britains Kurt Nicoll where used to second places from the previous decade and continued in that familiar path. Billy Liles, America (Honda) came in to take third.
The 1993 final standings reminded a whole lot of the results a few decades earlier with Belgian and Swedish riders on top. Jacky Martens, Belgium rode a 4-stroke Husqvarna to take the title. Only three points differed Jacky and second man, Jörgen Nilsson, Sweden (Honda). The Belgian rider still dominating in open class GP's Joel Smets rode a brand new Swedish built 4-stroke Husaberg to take third. Actually two 4-strokes within top three.
Another Swede, Markus "Bubben" Hansson (Honda) managed to better his standing from the previous season where he came fourth into first place 1994. Jacky Martens, Belgium (Husqvarna) had to climbe down to second and Joel Smets, Belgium rode an Italian made Husaberg Hybrid named Vertemati into third.
Joel 'Joelshot' Smets aboard a Husaberg In 1995, Joel Smets, Belgium won his first championship riding a Husaberg again. Trampas Parker, America (KTM) came second. Kind of odd with an American rider aboard anything else but a Japanese bike !. Daryll King, New Zeeland (Kawasaki) came in third.
In 1996 another New Zeelander, Shayne King (KTM) won the championship. Joel Smets came second aboard his Husaberg. Peter Johansson, Sweden (Husqvarna) came third.
New Zeeland had huge success in 1997 since they came both second and third only beaten by Joel Smets, Belgium (Husaberg). Daryll King (Husqvarna) came second. Shane King (KTM) and Kurt Nicoll, Great Britain (KTM) ended up on the same points, 229 but Kurt Nicoll got third due to better individual placing.
Joel Smets, Belgium (Husaberg) won the title again in 1998 with Daryll King, New Zeeland (Husqvarna) in second. Third was Peter Johansson, Sweden (Yamaha 4-stroke).
The Italian Andrea Bartolini aboard the new successful Yamaha YZF 4-stroke won the 1999 500GP championship. Second was Peter Johansson, Sweden (KTM 520 4-stroke). Third was Joel Smets, Belgium (Husaberg).

250GP during the 90's
Alessandro Puzar, Italy (Suzuki)won the 1990 250cc GP title in front of Pekka Vehkonen, Finland (Yamaha). John van den Berk, Holland (Suzuki) came third.
In 1991 two American riders topped the final standings. In first where Trampas Parker (Honda) and second where Mike Healey (KTM). Alessandro Puzar, Italy (Suzuki) where third.
Americans continued toin in 1992. Thatear Donny Schmit (Yamaha) won er Bobby Moore also riding for Yamaha. Edwin ertsen, Holland (Kasaki)as third.
In 1993 the polar South African Greg Albern (Honda) won the title. Stefan Everts, Belgium (ki) was second. Donny Schmit, America (Yamaha) had to accept third.
Greg Albern (Suzuki) won again in 1994. Stefan Everts, Belgium had switched to the green Kawasaki. Not that it seemed to matter. He still was second. Yves Demaria, France (Honda) where third.
In 1995 Stefan Everts, Belgium (Kawasaki) won the 250GP title. Marnicq Bervoets, Belgium (Suzuki) came second and Tallon Vohland, America (Kawasaki) came third. He was however slowed down by a foot injury.
Not much interesting happened in 1996 since the top three where exactly as in 1995. The only difference was that Stefan Everts now rode a Honda to the title.
The German rider Pit Beirer Stefan Everts, Belgium (Honda) won the title for the third consecutive year in 1997. As usual Marnicq Bervoets, Belgium (Suzuki) where second. Pit Beirer, Germany (Honda) rode in to take third.
In 1998, Sébastien Tortelli, France (Kawasaki) won the championship. It was a close battle with Stefan Everts, Belgium (Honda) who took second. The final standing wheren't decided until the very last race in Roggenburg, Switzerland the 6´th of September where Sebastien won both motos in front of Stefan. Pit Beirer, Germany (Honda) where third once again.
The last championship of the decade was won by Frederic Bolley, France (Honda). Pit Beirer, Germany (Kawasaki) moved up one notch to second. Third was David "Cobra" Vuillemin, France (Yamaha). The American rider Ryan "Rhyno" Huges made an attempt to go for the World GP 250 title. He finally ended up fourth.

125GP during the 90's
The 1990 season was won by an American rider just like the year before. This time it was time for Donny Schmit, America (Suzuki) to take the title. Second was Bobby Moore, America (KTM). The Belgian superstar Stefan Everts, (Suzuki) took third.
Stefan Everts, Belgium (Suzuki) won his first ever GP title in 1991. He has since had an outstanding career and is well known as one of the most technical and smooth riders on the track. The American Bobby Moore, (KTM) kept his second place from the preceeding year and Pedro Tragter, Holland (Suzuki) went for third in the final standings.
In 1992 the South African Greg Albertyn, (Honda) won the title. Second where Dave Strijbos, Holland (Honda), and third man became Pedro Tragter, Holland (Suzuki) again.
Finally in 1993 Pedro Tragter, Holland (Suzuki) won the title. Yves Demaria, France (Suzuki) claimed second spot and Dave Strijbos, Holland (Honda) went for third.
Bobby Moore, America returned to 125GP racing in 1994 riding a Yamaha to take the championship. Alessio Chiodi, Italy (Honda) got second. Pedro Tragter, Holland (Suzuki) took third.
In 1995, Alessandro Puzar, Italy (Honda) won the title. Alessio Chiodi, Italy (Yamaha) took second just as the year before. Sébastien Tortelli, France (Kawasaki) showed up in GP final standings to take third.
Sébastien "Zeb" Tortelli, Italy (Kawasaki) gained momentum and started winning titles back in 1996. Paul Malin, Great Britain (Yamaha) took second and Frédéric Vialle, France (Yamaha) third.
1997 was an Italian year. All three podium finishers where Italians and two of the top bikes where Italian made. Alessio Chiodi, Italy (Yamaha) won the title right in front of Alessandro Puzar, Italy (TM), and Claudio Federici, Italy (Husqvarna) took third. fantastiche prestazioni !
The 1998 season was interesting. Alessio Chiodi, Italy (Husqvarna) started the season great winning three of the first four rounds. Then he suddenly dropped to 5,6 and 8 place finishes and was almost passed by David Vullemin in the standings until he geared up and took the remaining races except for one where he finished second. With that performance Alessio Chiodi went on to take Husqvarnas first 125GP title for a long time. David Vuillemin, France (Yamaha) chased him fiercely but couldn't overcome Alessio and had to settle for second. Alessandro Puzar, Italy (TM) took third.
In the last season of the decade Alessio Chiodi, Italy (Husqvarna) won again leaving his countryman Claudio Federici, Italy (Yamaha) in second. The American Mike Brown escaped the forced move to race 250's in AMA due to too many points and raced the 125cc World GP instead and managed a third aboard a Honda.

AMA Nationals 500 MX 1990-1993
1: Jeff Ward (Kawasaki)
2: Jeff Stanton (Honda)
3: Johnny O'Mara (Kawasaki)

1: Jean-Michel Bayle, France (Honda)
2: Jeff Ward (Kawasaki)
3: Jeff Stanton (Honda)

1992 1: Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki)
2: Jeff Stanton (Honda)
3: Jeff Ward (Kawasaki)

1993 (Last year)
1: Mike LaRocco (Kawasaki)
2: Jeff Stanton (Honda)
3: Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki)

AMA Nationals 250 MX 1990-1999
The decade begun with the following champions: First Jeff Stanton riding a Honda. Second where Jeff "Wardy" Ward as always riding green (Kawasaki). Mike LaRocco was third riding Suzuki.
In 1991 the European wildman Jean-Michel Bayle, France won the championship for Honda. Jeff Stanton (Honda) where second and Damon Bradshaw (Yamaha) was third.
Jeff Stanton (Honda) reclaimed the AMA motocross title in 1992. Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki) came in second and Jean-Michel Bayle, France (Honda) was third.
1993 was a great year for Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki) as he managed to win the title. Mike LaRocco (Kawasaki) was second. A good effort considering he won the AMA Nationals 500 the same year. Steve Lamson (Honda) was third.
The 1994 season Mike LaRocco (Kawasaki) won another championship. This time in the 250cc class since the 500 or Open Class was cancelled (bad decision !) John Dowd (Yamaha) claimed second place and all time virtuoso-maestro Jeremy McGrath (Honda) appeared on the face of the earth taking third.
Jeremy McGrath (Honda) started winning by taking the 1995 AMA Nationals 250 championship just in front of his coming main rival, Jeff Emig (Yamaha). Mike Kiedrowski (Yamaha) made third behind those two hot shots.
Greg Albertyn on his Suzuki during the 1999 AMA Nationals season he'd won In 1996, Jeff Emig (Kawasaki) got his revenge beating Jeremy and taking the championship. McGrath on his Honda had to settle for second. The Iron Man Mike LaRocco (Suzuki) went for third.
Jeff Emig (Kawasaki) continued winning in 1997. John Dowd (Yamaha) took second in front of Jeremy McGrath that didn't had his best luck that season while riding for Suzuki and had to settle for third.
Yamaha's brand new four-stroke was found at the top in 1998 ridden by Doug Henry. Sensational stuff. Greg Albertyn, Republic of South Africa (Suzuki) took second place. Mike LaRocco (Honda) took third.
In 1999, the last season of the decade had Greg Albertyn, Republic of South Africa (Suzuki) as winner. Kevin Windham (Honda) took second place and Mike LaRocco (Honda) took third.

AMA Nationals 125 MX 1990-1999
The 1990 AMA Nationals 125 was won by Guy Cooper (Suzuki) with only one (1) stinkin point in front of Mike Kiedrowski (Honda). Third was Jeff "Chicken" Matiasevitch (Kawasaki).
In 1991 it was the other way around with Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki) edging out Guy Cooper (Suzuki). He had a healtier points margin though, 16 points. Third was the notorius showman Jeff Emig (Yamaha). I just can't get his comments from a surfcross event in 2000 when a fellow rider did a handstand on the surfing board off my mind. I sounded something like this: "hmm superman handstand...pushing up things..superman..". He is a funny guy, excellent rider too.
Jeff Emig won the 1992 title aboard a Yamaha. Mike LaRocco (Kawasaki) was second. Can you imagine Iron Mike riding a tiddler, I mean come on.. even a 250 looks small in his hands. He is in my opinion genetic adopted to an Open Class bike. It should even be a full bore 500cc two stroke. Ron Tichenor (Suzuki) was third.
Dough Henry won the 1993 championship in front of Jeff Emig (Yamaha). Jeremy McGrath (Honda) was third. That season had a whole bunch of future stars in Jeff, Jeremy, Larry Ward, Ezra Lusk, Ryan Huges and Tim Ferry just to mention a few.
Ricky Carmichael in his characteristic FOX outfit and his Splifire Kawasaki 1994 Dough Henry (Honda) took his second title in a row.
Steve Lamson (Honda) won the 1995 season in front of Ryan Huges (Kawasaki). Damon Huffman (Suzuki) was third.
In 1996 Steve Lamson (Honda) won again. This time followed by the new shoe Kevin Windham (Yamaha). John Dowd (Yamaha) was third.
Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki) won the 1997 championship. He came from nowhere to win the title right away. Today Ricky is the biggest name in the sport an he has aimed towards Jeremys unbeatable? record streak during the 90's and into the 21'th century. Ricky is a rider that combines the virtue of Jean-Michel Bayle, the physic of Mike LaRocco with the bravery of Greg Albertyn. As if that wasn't good enough he can ride nearly as smart as Jeremy too. Beeing a rather light guy he has a weight/hp advantage too that shows during the starts. Kevin Windham (Yamaha) was second behind Ricky and Scott Sheak (Honda) was third.
In 1998 Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki) won again. John Dowd (Yamaha) was second and Casey Johnson (Kawasaki) third
Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki) took his third consecutive AMA Nationals 125 championship. This year Brock Sellards (Honda) took second place and Tallon Vohland (Honda) went for third.

USA 250cc Supercross in the 90's
Jeff Stanton (Honda) won the 1990 250SX title. He was chased fiercely by the Frenchman Jean-Michel Bayle (Honda) who finished just 6 points behind. Jeff Matiasevitch (Kawasaki) was third that year.
In 1991, Jean-Michel Bayle, France (Honda) took the championship with an overwhelming 72 points margin. Damon Bradshaw (Yamaha) took second place. Jeff Stanton (Honda) dropped to third.
The 1992 season was a close one with all top three riders within 11 points. Jeff Stanton (Honda) struck back to take the belt. Damon Bradshaw (Yamaha) came in to take second just three points behind. Jean-Michel Bayle, France (Honda) was pushed down to third but like I said, very slim margin.
In 1993 Jeremy McGrath (Honda) started an outstanding winning streak. When it comes down to sheer numbers and statistic no other rider can match Jeremy even remotely. Legends like Rick Johnson, Danny Chandler and David Bailey can hardly match Jeremys results even if you add them together. To be very frank Jeremy McGrath is by far the best rider ever. We'll see if any rider in the future can match him. Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki) took second and Jeff Stanton (Honda) was back in third again.
Jeremy McGrath (Honda) won again in 1994. Mike LaRocco (Kawasaki) was second. Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki) was third again.
1995 was what one might would say just another year with Jeremy McGrath (Honda) on top. Larry Ward (Yamaha) took second place and Jeff Emig (Yamaha) claimed third.
Jeremy McGrath during the 1997 season riding for Suzuki The 1996 season was a fine example in superiority as Jeremy McGrath took his 1993 framed honda to fourteen victories out of fifteen and won the championship by 132 points in front of Jeff Emig (Kawasaki). Ezra Lusk (Suzuki) came third some 25 points behind Jeff Emig.
Jeff Emig (Kawasaki) won the 1997 supercross season after trying so hard for so long time. Jeremy McGrath chocked everyone by announcing a switch to Suzuki just a few days before the season opening. Perhaps he didn't felt comfortable on the bike and only managed two wins but the 1997 season was the most even season for a very long time with as much as seven different riders taking victories. Ezra Lusk (Yamaha) was third but also pretty close in the point standings. He had two individual wins just like Jeremy.
Everything went back to normal in 1998 as Jeremy McGrath was back as the champion with seven race wins. He rode a Yamaha now. Ezra Lusk has switched to Honda and took second place. Larry Ward (Suzuki) took third.
The last season of the decade was dominated again by Jeremy McGrath (Yamaha) with eight race wins. Ezra Lusk (Honda) had a great season with five wins and took thereby second place. Mike LaRocco (Honda) took third with no wins but a consistent season as a top finisher.

USA 125cc East/West Supercross in the 90's
The 125cc class is actually two series, the east and the west series. Therefore there are two champions each year. We will only report the winners in this text. For further details see the complete results tables.
1990 East: Denny Stephenson (Suzuki) , West: Ty Davis (Honda).
1991 East: Brian Swink (Honda) , West: Jeremy McGrath (Honda).
1992 East: Brian Swink (Honda) , West: Jeremy McGrath (Honda).
1993 East: Doug Henry (Honda) , West: Jimmy Gaddis (Kawasaki).
1994 East: Ezra Lusk (Suzuki) , West: Damon Huffman (Suzuki).
1995 East: Mickael Pichon (Suzuki) , West: Damon Huffman (Suzuki).
1996 East: Mickael Pichon (Suzuki) , West: Kevin Windham (Yamaha).
1997 East: Tim Ferry (Suzuki) , West: Kevin Windham (Yamaha).
1998 East: Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki) , West: John Dowd (Yamaha).
1999 East: Ernesto Fonseca (Yamaha) , West: Nathan Ramsey (Kawasaki).

Motocross Des Nations 1990 - 1999
1990 in Sweden (Vimmerby)
1. USA : Jeff Ward (Kawasaki), Jeff Stanton (Honda) and Damon Bradshaw (Yamaha)
2. Belgium : Dirk Geukens (Honda), Marniq Bervoets (Kawasaki) and Stefan Everts (Suzuki)
3. Sweden : Larsson (Kawasaki), Peter Johansson (Yamaha) and Joakim Karlsson (Kawasaki)

1991 in Holland (Valkenswaard)
1. USA : Jeff Stanton (Honda), Damon Bradshaw (Yamaha) and Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki).
2. Belgium : Dirk Geukens (Honda), Marniq Bervoets (Kawasaki) and Stefan Everts (Suzuki).
3. Holland : Gert Van Doorn (Honda), Edwin Evertsen (Kawasaki) and Pedro Tragter (Suzuki).

1992 Manjimup (Australia)
1. USA: Billy Liles (Honda), Jeff Emig (Yamaha), Mike LaRocco (Kawasaki).
2. Belgium: Georges Jobé (Honda), Stefan Everts (Suzuki), Marniq Bervoets (Yamaha).
3. Great Britain: Kurt Nicoll (KTM), James Dobb (Kawasaki), Rob Herring (Honda).

1993 Schwanenstadt (Austria)
1. USA: Jeff Emig (Yamaha), Jeremy McGrath (Honda), Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki).
2. Belgium: Dewit (Suzuki), Stefan Everts (Suzuki), Marniq Bervoets (Kawasaki).
3. Sweden: Joakim Karlsson (Suzuki), Marcus "Bubben" Hansson (Honda), Jörgen Nilsson (Honda).

1994 Roggenburg (Switzerland)
1. Great Britain: Kurt Nicoll (Honda), Rob Herring (Kawasaki), Paul Malin (Yamaha).
2. USA: Mike Larocco (Kawasaki), Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki), Jeff Emig (Yamaha).
3. France: Yves Demaria (Honda), Frederic Bolley (Yamaha), Frédéric Vialle (Kawasaki).

1995 Povazska Bystrica (Slovak Republic)
1. Belgium : Joel Smets (Husaberg), Marniq Bervoets (Suzuki), Stefan Everts (Kawasaki).
2. USA : Ryan "Rhyno" Huges (Kawasaki), Jeff Emig (Yamaha), Steve Lamson (Honda).
3. France : Mickael Maschio (Honda), Yves Demaria (Yamaha), Sébastien Tortelli (Kawasaki)

1996 Jerez (Spain)
1. USA: Jeff Emig (Kawasaki), Jeremy Mc Grath (Honda), Steve Lamson (Honda).
2. France: Frederic Bolley (Kawasaki), Yves Demaria (Honda), Sébastien Tortelli (Kawasaki).
3. Belgium: Joel Smets (Husaberg), Marniq Bervoets (Suzuki), Stefan Everts (Honda).

1997 Nismes (Belgium)
1. Belgium: Joel Smets (Husaberg), Stefan Everts (Honda), Marniq Bervoets (Suzuki).
2. Italy: Andrea Bartolini (Yamaha), Alessio Chiodi (Yamaha), Claudio Federici (Husqvarna).
3. Great Britain: Kurt Nicoll (KTM), Mark Eastwood (Honda), James Dobb (Suzuki).

1998 Foxhill (Great Britain)
1. Belgium: Marniq Bervoets (Suzuki), Stefan Everts (Honda), Patrick Caps (Yamaha).
2. Finland: Miska Aaltonen (KTM), Marko Kovalainen (Honda), Petteri Gustafsson (Suzuki).
3. New Zeeland: Darryl King (HVA), Shayne King (KTM), Joshua Coppins (Suzuki).
Very interesting to see that Finland had such an success. Another intriguing fact is that New Zeeland had such strong riders.

1999 Indaiatuba (Brazil)
1. Italy: Andrea Bartolini (Yamaha), Claudio Federici (Yamaha),Alessio Chiodi (Husqvarna).
2. France: Frederic Bolley (Honda), Sébastien Tortelli (Honda), David Vuillemin (Yamaha).
3. Belgium: Joel Smets (Husaberg), Stefan Everts (Honda), Patrick Caps (Honda).

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